Model [ DR 1048M250]Dr.Martens WHITON TUSCON SHOES BUTTERSCOTCH DR1084This Whiton men's boot is made with our premium Tucson leather. Made in the Santa Croce region of Northern Italy, the leather is created using a process called vegetable-tanning. A 200-year old traditional craft process, the material is left 'naked', with no finish - and results in a warm, brilliant shade that intensifies as it ages, absorbing the traces of life without losing durability. This is a minimal, modern boot, evolving the original 1460 with style and attitude. The 8-eye unisex boot includes a slight wedge sole and a pointed toe. Of course, classic Doc's DNA like grooved sides, a heel loop and our iconic air-cushioned sole are in full effect. Because an evolution doesn't mean we lose the original punk aesthetic - it's just all grown up. Please note: Natural, vegetable-tanned leather is very water-absorbant - if the shoe gets wet, it may bleed from the leather to socks or feet. If they do get wet, leave them to dry naturally.